TECS Examination

Monday, October 19, 2015

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

hi everybody. I do not know why I am sooooo hardworking to write in the blog. *is it hardworking is the good word?* hahah

well, tomorrow we will sit for oral TECS exam conducted by UTM. basically it has 3 papers which are Oral speaking, writing and listening. well it is just like MUET, still use the same grading *band 1, 2, 3, 4,5,6*.For the writing parts, there will be an analysis question on the graph.

 I am soo afraid as it has been a long time I am not polished my english language skills. I am not good in speaking the serious matter, if the topic is the nonsense one maybe I can speak soo fluently. hahaha maybe tonight I need to read all the news issues in Malaysia. But I do not understand why when we speak, people always want to find our grammar mistakes. I never correct people grammar as I know that I am not that good in English, but hey when people try to polish their english, encourage them, not let them down. Eventhough the grammar is horrible, at least they are brave to try speak.

all in all, I hope I can speak properly tomorrow, not throwing out trashy things from my mouth *read nonsense things*hahaha I hope all the ideas come again and again and wehhhhh I forgot today is the election day for campus *hahahaha boleh pula teringat time menulis*

well haze comes again huh? I cannot breathe properly and I need fresh air. My lungs are crying out loud! My stomach is shouting, asking to fill them * this is not so related with the haze* hahah

okay lahh, chow chin chow. hahaha byee2


  1. Goodluck :) im thinking about getting a MUET next sem . Takuuuuut (x-x)

    1. Do not worry. Everyone has their strength. Keep polishing okay in the meantime. ada masa lagi nak sampai next sem. hee good luck :)


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