3 years and still counting #101012

Monday, October 19, 2015

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

haiiii hahahah

sooooo basically it has been 3 years I met this guy. I do not know how can we last for this long time, but honestly I want this relationship ends with marriage, living together, complete each other, be each other companion, soulmate, best friend and everything.

yeahh, sometimes we did fight A LOTTTT, and yeahh I felt pissed off with him few times hahah. So I hope, what we plan for both of us will come true and I hope we work hard together to achieve our dreams.

so last #101015, we celebrate together the 3 years of our friendship with Aqila *I invited her to join us*. We bake cheese cake together *well not really bake it. hahahah we bought cheese cake from La Boheme, Jusco, some grapes and jem to put on the cake and yayyyy we made it! so these are the pictures of us.

The cakes is soooo yummy I wanna eat again!

Both of us has the same dark circles around eyes, :P

why I am sooo thinnnn and you soooo *fill in the blank*

see, nak ambil gambar pun boleh jadi gaduh. urghhhh!

welll, happy 3 years of friendship. I hope I can always be your listener. well of course after your family. Good bye my baymax! hahahahah

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