How to use end note?

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Assalamualaikum w. b. t

hiii everyone! heee:D

as a part of my practice in writing skills, so I would like to write up about how to use the end note. Have you guys heard or known about end note?

In my understanding, End note is an application that is used in doing citation for research, journal, etc. If you get the information from other sources, you need to cite it as an appreciation for their works. If you do not cite it, it will call as a plagiarism.

Soooo, in conjunction of doing Final Year Project, I would like to teach how to use the end note. some people will use Mandalay but I have not tried it yet so I cannot compare what is the difference between of these two ways of citation.

Okay, for example when you want to cite from certain journal or papers, you need to download their end note file too. Then you need to open the file in end note library so that whenever you want to cite the journal, you just need to click the selected journal and it will automatically insert in the words,

Here I show you the pictures. This is from IEEE library.

As you can see in the pictures, you can download the citation in end note file. When it is downloaded, you open the file and it will automatically shown in the end note library as shown below;

So when you want to cite the source, you select the source that you want just like above picture. Then in microsoft word, you do it like this:

sooo that is all about how to use end note. If it is not clear, please do write in comments below. I will answer it if I know.


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