wish me luck !

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Assalamualaikum and hello people .

how's your day ?
I hope you're enjoying every single day that you've gone through .

can you see that I've changed my blog header .
so , how is it ?
haha , just wanna make it for fun .
yelah , dah lama tak buat-buat header nih . DDBSHOP pun dah terbiar je sebab eyja dan dayana dah start busy dengan life yang baru nak dibina . hikhik;P
 kalau agak-agak bosan , kitorang terima jugak lah tempahan sikit-sikit .

hee , I got bla bla over 10 in my mathematics quiz .
and I guess it was a good beginning .
but , I don't wanna be so confident at all .
yah , I MUST work hard for strive in foundation of science .
so today , I have biology and chemistry quiz *maybe because anything could happen in last minutes right ?
mana tahu tiba-tiba quiz dibatalkan , memang heven lah hidup ,

oke enough for now because
I still have several many things to read,remember and so on .

ohh , wish me luck oke ;)

p/s ; rindunye nak tulis panjang-panjang kat blog even takde orang baca . haha;D

see you ,


  1. oo..xtaw pun eyja ada blogshop..
    neway, gud luck on ur bio n chemistry quiz..aja2^^

  2. korg yg bru msuk ni pun da bz kn. huhu mcm tak cye je pdhl final still 1 year away, tp mcm ni ea life kat u? huhu

  3. Good luck! :)

    p/s : tlg aen leh?


komen biar bijak :) hee

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