low self esteem

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


so i have this kinda habit.
I have this so called low self esteem.
whenever I get not-so-good result, I will be silent for awhile.
I don't talk to anybody. but if they asked me, i will still answer it.
i just wanna separate myself and being in my world for a little while.
I know that some of my friends maybe feel not good with me whenever I act like this.
I feel like all of them are laughing at me.
I feel like they are looking down on me.
I just don't know why I have this kind of thoughts.
hmm I think I should write back on this blog because I know this is the only medium I can express my feelings.

that's all.



  1. la..kenapa nie?

    tu lah.. dah lama jugak awak tak update blog..hehehe

  2. Yes you should :) , supaya saya yg berada jauh ni dapatla tau sikit2 pasal awak hehe. Be strong DJ. Aku ada je kalau kau nak kacau bila2 ;)

  3. We all need those moments sometimes. The moment when we don't feel like talking to anyone because we feel no one will ever understand our feelings. Because they can't see through us and saw our expectations about the results. When we failed to live up to our own expectation, that's when we yearn for some kind of explanation and of course it isn't there so we separate ourselves, and rewind those moment; our effort, our training, our practice. And after a while, or maybe two hours, Lord' willing we'll be stronger. Sometimes we can't control everything but the most essential is, in the end, there'll be a voice, our own voice, whispering back to our heart and it says "I know I've tried my best." Be strong DJ. And pray that I can be strong too inshaaAllah.

  4. keep ur face to the sunshine and u shall not see the shadow. keep smile dear =)


komen biar bijak :) hee

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