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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Assalamualaikum and hello .

so here I am , in UTM,Malaysia .
I'm so busy for the whole week because of orientation week . it's really tired and exhausted . but I think it's really great for me because it was the 1st time I didnt sleep during the talk ! please trust me people . before this , I was always sleeping when it comes to talk period . well , you know it's kinda boring unless the person who gives the talk can attract me to hear him all the way .

so how's my life ?
so far , it's not bad . I have met some of new friends and the good thing was my coursemates mostly stay at the same floor like me . so maybe when we have to do some study group , it'll make us easier to do it without going outside of the college . so some of my friends are amira , aisyah , sarah ,nadi,sakinah ,syuhada , nasyuha,nabila, fatimah and my roommate Nani ! hee :) well they're very good people .

it feels kinda weird because I still didnt cry since my mom left me last sunday . haha before this , i've always felt like homesick and cry all the time *lie* and had stomachache every morning when I came to a new place . haha

ohh and the seniors of kolej perdana,UTM are really kind and easy to tolerate with them . they treat us nicely and maybe that's one of reasons why I dont have the homesick. haha

okaylahh , later I'll share another stories about my orientation week . so I hope all the best to all my friends who are currently pursuing for their degree . enjoy your new phase of life ! :)



komen biar bijak :) hee

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