BIG step

Friday, August 31, 2012

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone .

one day left before I'm going to take another BIG step in my life . ahhhhhh how time flies *sigh*
I dont really know what's kind of feeling in my heart.
sad to leave my family , happy to meet new friends , terrify to know what kind of things that I've to deal in the future , whether I can do well for it or not . feel worry whenever i think about it .

yeahh , when you used to stay at home for a veryyy long time , then tiba2 kena tinggalkan , benda tu amat menyedihkan hati . sedih kot nak tinggalkan family . I'm sorry for being not good enough daughter . hehe :P suddenly I feel regret for doing useless things when I was at home Y____Y

my dad advises me many times to do my best and keeping focus on studying because degree isn't like SPM,PMR or even foundation because all these things will determine my future undertaking .whether i want to do well or it's just like 'hangat-hangat tahi ayam' , it's my choice. I think every exams I've done until now are just based on the exam orientations . not because I DO really understand . and maybe most of the time i just study because I HAVE TO not because I WANT TO. well sometimes I understand , but well it's a typical student when right after finishing the exams , everything we've learnt just fly away . haha

hello new friends :)

so I hope this time everything will be going well and create another beautiful memories for me . aja-aja fighting ! future friends,classmates and roommates , please be nice to me and accept me as who I am . If I've done any mistakes,please forgive me :)

and and to my beloved friends , whether it's in a reality life or just on social networking , whenever and wherever you are, whatever you do , all the best for your future undertaking . believe in Allah and have faith in HIM . insyaAllah , He will ease everything :)

less : online , sleeping , do useless things.
more : ibadah , studying , focusing , learning.



  1. mak cik pesan degree ni jangan bercinta. huhu

  2. eyja !! tomorrow will be the day :( good luck for both of us. hihi

  3. agree every single things in your entry. the mixed feelings are normal whenever we'll take a new step. a big one that determines our future. and it's normal when a student would forget the lessons after examinations. we are parrots. we are taught to be one. *sigh :)

  4. hahah xpe u'll get used later ;D
    lepas ni dh best sgt kt sana xnk plak balik rumah hak2

  5. dah naik sem baru rupanya... salam maju jaya k

  6. hahaha :D. normall tuu. btw jgn putus asa. :) hehehe ganbatee~~~

  7. Jgn study mcm nak mati.
    Pesanan ikhlas.


komen biar bijak :) hee

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