Lin Dan wins medal gold for badminton men's single Olympic 2012.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Assalamualaikum and hello .

so , we've already knew who's the winner . congratulations to Lin Dan for winning medal gold in badminton olympic final 2012 . 

79 minutes of badminton match . 1st set , Lee Chong wei 21-15 Lin Dan. 2nd set , Lin Dan 21-10 Lee Chong Wei. 3rd set , Lin Dan 21-19 Lee Chong Wei .

standing ovation and round of applauses to Dato' Lee Chong Wei , congrates for winning silver medal , the 1st medal for Malaysia actually . without him , maybe we will only dream for olympic medal. Y__Y heyy ,I know it's not easy to play and having a match with full of stresses . I know you've already tried your best , playing with full of spirits . even you didn't manage to win the gold medal , we Malaysians still proud of you ! :)

WE RESPECT YOU ! *si won takde kena mengena dengan ini post hehh*

orang kata KALAH BERMARUAH taw , main sampai habis , usaha untuk menang sampai habis , bertahan sampai habis , cuma takde rezeki . it's okay man :)

so , Malaysians , don't get upset because of no baskin robbins haa . hehe ;P if you craving for it , go and buy it for yourself. ice cream can't compare with the olympic gold medals.

(source : HERE )

FACTS : Lee Chong Wei retires with a record of 42 gold, 22 silver and 2 Olympic Silver Medal.

p/s : hope the best for our nation's badminton squad after this :)



  1. Akhirnya, ada jugak medal , kan.
    OK. si won comel. teheeee :D

  2. congratulation to dato'.....kalah bermaruah sipi je semua salah net ngn shuttle...hehehehe

  3. Love Chong Wei. Proud to be Malaysian =D


komen biar bijak :) hee

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