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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Assalamualaikum :)

hello people ! We meet again finally ! haha;D
so how's your life ?
hee , as usual I just wanna write down what was happened in my daily life before .


Last monday,
I had a speaking test which was conducted by madam 1.
pheww,glad we had her as the one who would test us
we got a question quite easier than we expected .
it's all about to prevent the teenagers from committing suicide .
I got the point that the parents should be aware of their children's problem.
while the others got the points that relate with motivational talk,caunsellors and school authorities .
all of it was not conducted individually right , so we decide to choose my point was the best way to resolve the matter .
yeahh,the parents are the first one we knew when we see the world right?
aiyaa,suddenly miss them :)

haa ,
I got all test paper's marks.
unfortunately I was quite disappointed with mathematics,chemistry and biology .
the marks made me felt down .
it's ok eyja , you have another tests after raya .
then you should learn and study hard .
but the problem is quite lazy to do any works .
haha;D sometimes I felt that I'm lost with my life , don't know what to do .
maybe I need some motivations to push me .

haaa , now is fasting month of muslims right .
hee , there are many bazaar at padang kawad with selling various kind of foods.
it's quite expensive , so , you should know how to spend your money .
In my house , one room will buy rice,while the others will buy the 'lauk' .
so we can save our money besides eating many foods .haha;D
actually after a survey was conducted recently by me ,haha,I think that the food's price in U are much better,cheaper than the outside of U . but still we think it was expensive . haha;D

recently ,
there are many things were stolen such as laptops and handphone .
I feel worriess with this thing .
especially when our class was late than the other house members .
the theft could do everything maa . 
I hope that nothing happen to me and my friends .

okaylahh , it's too late now ,already 2 am.
take care people,good night and sweet dream ;)



  1. hahaha. yeah, i agree with you when u mentioned about the price inside U is cheaper than outside! . just same as here.. :'D .But, my roomate bought a ricecooker and we just cook the rice if we want to save money , and now.. i havent use any of my money for 3 days. yay! :D

  2. hi eyja!

    masa aku study dlu
    siap beli rice cooker
    masak nasi dlu, then masak lauk pun guna rice cooker
    ha ha ha sangat jimat psiko kan

  3. kehidupan sebagai student..hehe

  4. nt share duit bli rice cooker oke..xyah beli dah nasi..beli lauk jer..jimat sikit^^

  5. sabar eyja. test ada lagi. gegege


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