Itinerary Europe trip 2017- Part 1: Athens

Monday, January 22, 2018

Assalamualaikum. Hi there!

on 3rd November 2017, I went to Europe for our Euro trip with my friends, Elly and Nashuha. It was really unexpected journey. I have been dreaming to travel to Europe countries and finally my dream was fullfilled! We arrived at KL on 13th Nov 2017, luckily I was not having jet lagged at all.

So, here I am to share to all of you the itinerary of our 10 days journey. since the post will be too long, I will divide the stories into some parts based on the places we visited.

let's started with Athens!

p/s: sometimes I might use money in EUR. The money currency at that time was 1 EUR= +/-RM5.01.

We departed on 3rd November 2017 from KLIA with scoot airlines. The ticket price for KL-Singapore-Athens is RM1124.85. We compared all our ticket prices at cheapflights and skyscanner. Scoot had provided us with quite comfortable seats for almost 12 hours journey. But it was quite tired due having too much sleep hahah.

Please excuse our bare face here hahaha

 shhh someone was sleeping hahaha

We had transit in Singapore for about 3 hours before going to Athens. We arrived in Athens Eleftherios Venizelos airport on 4th November at 8.45 am (Athens time). The time zone is 6 hours late from Malaysia.Since we arrived earlier than expected, we waited for Faris (from Frankfurt) because he will be arrived at 10.20 am.

After that we went straight to our hotel, Sparta Team Hotel at Ommonia. It was about 20 minutes by train and then 5 minutes walking to our hotel. The hotel is very near to halal restaurants so it was easy for us to find foods.

We booked our hotel at for 2 nights at 42 EUR. However when we arrived, they suddenly cancelled our booking because they couldn't charged  our bank card given. andddd they informed us through email on the same day we arrived! It was supposed 2 or 3 days before we arrived they need to inform us. So we have to pay 80EUR for 2 nights. #sigh

 We spent 3 days in Athens, so we bought 3-days pass ticket for 22EUR. You can use this ticket for all public transport in Athens.

At first we planned to visit temple of Haephastus, but since it was winter season,the entrance was closed at 3pm. so we decided to just visiting Syntagma square and walking around Monastiraki street and Thissio. If you want to buy souvenirs, you can find them here with 1EUR (fridge magnet) at least.

 At Syntagma Square, in front of Hellenic parliament building.
 Monastiraki street

OMG, the banana juice was sooooooo goooood <3 br="">

The next morning, we started our tour with Ancient Agora, Temple of Haephastus, and Museum of Ancient Agora of Athens. The ticket price is 8EUR but we were very lucky enough since it was first sunday of the month, free entrance was given to everyone! YAYY! Same goes to acropoli, odeon of herodes atticus, parthenon, we got free entrance! If not, the cost would be 10EUR for winter and 20EUR for other seasons. Temple of Olympian Zeus was 2 EUR, but we got free entrance too and arch of hadrian.

breakfast as Casba, we just had hot choc and yummyy bread.

 Temple of Haephastus

 Ancient of Agora

 In one of the old church in Ancient of Agora.



 Odeon of Herodes Atticus

 The view of Athens from the Acropolis


view from Acropoli

Temple of Olympian Zeus

 Arch of Hadrian

 foooooods <3 br="">

 Hans and Gretel. it was like a bread? and ice cream. It costs 5 EUR

 Is that orange?

 Athens Airport.

So basically this is what we spent in Athens excluding food and souvenirs:

Ticket flight: RM1124.85
Transport around Athens: 22 EUR for 3 days
Hotel: 80EUR for 2 nights
*We did not subscribe the internet since we had Faris, he got his internet since he stayed in Germany. hahahah

Notes and suggestions:

1. Once you arrived in Athens, please find the maps at airport as it is very useful for you to find the train route and interesting places around Athens.

2. Plan your journey carefully. Make sure you know your destination and make the best calculation which one is more beneficial for your journey, time and money. we really saved a lot when most of the places we go, we got free entrance.

3. You can search the opening hours and admission to all interesting places in Greece through this website :  Athens Info Guide 

4. Try to find your hotel nearest to Monastiraki street because I felt that the surrounding is much safer than our previous hostel surrounding.

Below is the video recorded during our trip in Athens.

Till we meet again in the next post. I am not sure when it will be published tho hahahha


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    1. nope my dear. tu baru harga tiket pergi je. sbb eyja tak pergi athens je, ade tempat lain juga pergi :) nanti baru update hehe

  2. p/s x kira bulan apa as long as 1st sunday of the month dpt msk free ya? hmmm kalu gitu boleh laa rancang ke greece pasni?

    1. 1st sunday of the months except July, august and September. other than that, sume 1st sunday of the month dpt entrance free :) boleh plan dahhh hee

  3. hai ain datang singgah sini dan follow awak. salam perkenalan :)
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