holiday and sweet 20 !

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello :)

so i'm on holiday now peeps ! this is heaven ya-know ! hahah

and my last paper was perfectly on good date which was 9/1/2013 because tomorrow after the date was my birthday on 10/1/2013 .

so i guess it was a good present for me . teheee :D

I was touched and felt appreciated when some of my friends called me to wish me happy birthday in the morning.

oh oh and I wanna list down some of my friends who gave me a call during my birthday so I must remember theirs too . heheh

1. qila *so sweet of you my dear, thanks for singing birthday song*
2. hanif *even you're busy , you still remember my birthday,thanks *
3.khairi *thanks khairi because your intention to wish me make me waking up for subuh hahah*
4. sabrina *sorry for making your phone out of credit, miss u a lots!*

and and I really wanna thank Mark Zuckerberg because he made my birthday notification on facebook . hahah i guess without facebook u wont never get birthday wishes more than 100. hahah :P

so I'm sweet 20 now , good bye my teenange years , I'm gonna miss u ! :( I have to learn becoming a perfect lady in the future,have to be matured in everything,not being a childish . hahah

ohh and THE IMPORTANT THING was I really wanna say thanks to my mom for giving birth your pretty daughter , hehh :P for raising me up till now,for advising me in everything, thanks mom ohhh thanks ! I really love you ! only Allah can repay all your kindnesssss :')

and my coursemates gave me 'bedak'. nasib baik bedak ,kalau tepung ,jenuh nak bersihkan bohh. hahah :P

then for my final paper , I think I can do but I dont want to be overconfidence . hope Allah will pay all my hardworks. :')

till then , goodbye ! :D

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