save us ! save us !

Friday, June 29, 2012

Assalamualaikum and hello .

save us ! save us !
we don't have a place to live .
we also have a right to live in this world.
let us free .
give us our freedom !
save us ! save us !

hah , kenapa ni ? kenapa ni? apa yang terjadi ?
si eyja ni memberontak nak kebebasan kah? kena darah tinggi kah ?
mungkin segelintir pembaca blog akan memberi reaksi sedemikian . hikhik :P

anyway , eyja nak share something yang akan memberikan manfaat pada kita.
sekarang ni semakin banyak spesies haiwan yang makin pupus dek kerakusan manusia yang bersikap materialistik . fuhh! kesian depa !

salah satu spesies haiwan yang diancam kepupusan ialah penyu laut . orang biasa ambil telur2 penyu ni untuk dijual .takpun bahagian penyu itu sendiri diambil .bila telur2 penyu ni diambil , camna lah depa nak menyambung spesies depa kan ? lama2 semua pupus , jangan sampai satu tahap dimana anak-anak kita di masa hadapan sendiri tak kenal apa itu penyu laut . masa tu jangan nak melalak nak cari mana penyu laut #eh

mai sini eyja share apa sebenarnya main role penyu laut nih :

In the seas, marine turtles play a key role in maintaining healthy coral reefs and seagrass beds. Scientists believe that hawksbill turtles may maintain the health of coral reef systems by grazing on sponges, which if left to grow unchecked will outgrow the corals, cover them up and kill the reef. Because of this, researchers believe that the declining number of hawksbills are a factor in the inability of reefs to resist increasing pressures from pollution, algal overgrowth, overfishing and climate change. Green turtles are largely herbivorous, and their constant grazing on sea grasses increase the healthiness and growth rate of sea grass beds. Leatherback turtles, which forage in the open ocean throughout their lives, are the top predators of oceanic jellyfish. This jellyfish, in turn, eat larval fish. As the number of leatherbacks in the ocean decrease, jellyfish numbers may increase locally and eat more larval fish, leaving fewer fish to grow. A wide variety of marine ecosystems are dependent on these fish, and even commercial fisheries, may end up suffering from this cascading effect.

maknanya , penyu laut ni juga amat memainkan peranan penting dalam ekosistem hidupan laut .

Therefore , let us support amending Malaysian laws to fully ban the sale and consumption of all turtle eggs. our action can save them and every choices in our hand , whether we want to protect or destroy them , IT'S ALL UP TO US ! 

so , let's get going with the pledges to #LiveGreen to let them be free ! :)
 sokong usaha WWF Malaysia dalam menangani kepupusan penyu laut !
 CLICK HERE ^____^

mesti penyu2 tu nanti tersenyum riang . hahah imagine lah bagaimana parents kita amat menyayangi kita , begitu juga penyu2 tu menyayangi anak2 mereka :)



komen biar bijak :) hee

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