A father

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Assalamualaikum and hello :)

well , today is father's day . but for me , everyday is father's day :)
yeahh , because a father is a head of family . so every words from him is a MUST for us to follow . so he just like a president in one company who always guided us and asking us to follow what he said , well ACT LIKE A BOSS :P

I know being a father is not as easy as ABC .

my dad name's Lukman Bin Abdullah . he is a good guy and always being down-to-earth person . even sometimes he's joking and love to being proud of himself and my mom and I were felt annoying HA-HA, but actually we know that he's the one who never being proud of himself . well like I said before , a very down-to-earth person . and I think he's so lucky to have my mom as his soulmates . my mom is very bold but my father is very gentle , yeah I think they are very look good together :) 

my dad is a responsible father . he will try his best to give what we need . but he always keep reminding us to not waste anything , be a good person , studying hard and get a good result in exam . when he see us being a successful person in the future , that would be enough for him :)

He has a good heart .he said a good person is coming from his good heart . he told us to always helping the people those who really in need . he said even our helping is just a small amount ,but it could be a big amount for those in need .

one of my siblings , arwah zahid aiman had passed away last october,2011. even he doesn't cry in front of us , but I know in his deep heart , he's always crying when thinking about aiman . but sometimes I could see the tears rolled down on his cheeks, I know what he feels but he bear the pain in his heart when his child went away leave him behind in this world . but he always tell us to be strong and makes aiman as our spirit to keep going on with life .

last raya with arwah aiman :(

he's always advising us in everything . well it's normal when the children felt annoying when their parents scolded them HA-HA. but when I think back and reflect myself , I know his good intention to make me realized how a real word is very different . anybody can torture us if we couldn't bear any hardships. well every hardships we faced, there will be a good things come to end :)

for make it short , I really feel great to have ayah as my the only one father in this world and nobody can replace him . so happy father's day ayah ! thanks for taking care of us , feeding us , sending us to school to get knowledges,teaching us about islam , keep advising us , rarely scolded us HE-HE I know I'm always making mistakes and sometimes didn't hear what you said. I'm really sorry :( and last word I can say , I REALLY LOVE YOU AYAH . I will try my best to pay back all your kindness towards me even maybe tak sebesar pengorbanan ayah untuk eyja and adik-adik . tolong doakan eyja berjaya di dunia dan akhirat dan sentiasa berada di jalan yang lurus mengikut Islam :)
semoga ayah panjang umur , murah rezeki dan berjaya di dunia mahupun akhirat . semoga kita sekeluarga dapat bersama sehingga ke syurga :')



  1. jmpt join..da hadiah taw

  2. huh. essay hari bapa ke nie . hehe . yup, my dad is everything to me.

  3. hb to ur Liyana..
    tp npe ade jongkook. keh3

  4. @nurza : insyaAllah jika berkesempatan . thanks jemput :)

    @miss klanika : hehe bole jd essay jgk laa. nk ckp dpn2 tak terluah :P

    @ishiko : hehe awk slh post nih . ohh kita mmg ltak gmbr jongkook sbb diyana tu mcm jongkook. haahaha

  5. My condolence to yr late brother. Know yr fmly n u love him so much. Know u hv a strong heart that will lead u to b a strong person. Dedicate yr studies to him. I hv a fren. His younger sis passed away of a heart failure. That inspired him to b a doctor.. then u b an xcellent dentist.


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