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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Assalamualaikum .

p/s : just ignore my grammatical errors please ? :) thank you !

yeahh it's 2.48 am right now but I'm still here ,in front of my lappy , sitting on the chair,staring at the laptop screen and scrolling ups and downs every new tab . of course one of them is to see handsome and manly TOP's photos. haha

I dont know why but lately I'm getting interested with bigbang .
hahah maybe got influenced from my lil sister , she's have been talked about KPOP everytime when she was back home . and probably because of that I'm trying to find what's so cool about this kpop . and luckily *shining face* I found bigbang . I can hear their songs repeatedly especially BLUE *I'm singing my blues~~*

and I found an interesting and cute picture at google. hehe little TOP is strolling at the park . when I saw that picture , I felt like, YES I should bring him strolling at the park . so cute ! :) so , here's the picture :)

haha they actually made a great superimpose ! but it's too weird when the body is baby's body but the face is soo matured and handsome. haha:P

ohh I'd learnt how to cook asam pedas ikan from my mom days before . actually it's easy if I have more courage to make cooking as my hobby . haha I think the LAZINESS is the best word to describe . malas nak tengok ,malas nak belajar . tapi yang pelik nya , if the other works , like washing the dishes , sweeping the floor , I can make it without any laziness, any complaints.I think maybe I need someone who can encourage me to cook very well . konon pemberi semangat lahh , geli taw ! haha :P

then , my mom was always crying lately because she missed aiman , my late brother a lots. I know she's kinda like hold a burden in her hearts , thinking of aiman when she's the one who gives birth to aiman , who feed aiman with her hand , who embrace aiman when aiman felt sad , who's taking care of aiman when aiman had fallen ill at hospital . yeah , she misses him a lots ! somehow I'm getting jealous with aiman because my mom is loving him so much . but after sometimes I realized that a mother will love all their children with her whole heart, sama rata :') maybe aku dah besar sikit , so she is rarely showing her love towards me . but I know in her deep heart, she's really loving all of her children so much .Al-Fatihah for aiman :'(

my brother , yan has continued his studies in form 6 . but still my mom was really hope that the only son in our family for this time now get an offer in diploma from any high learning institutions. but it was really sad when yan didn't manage to get any offers . so , my mom was really sad and the tears rolled down on her cheeks thinking that his son didn't have anywhere to go . she always advices him to study hard but he just take it as a small matter . when things like this happened , he felt a bit disappointed . so I hope he could learn from this and never repeat the same mistakes . I know my mom was worried if yan couldn't have a good life in future but I told mama to never think that way . maybe today he makes failure but in the future who knows he will be a successful person :)

ahh , I think Im going to sleep right now . so have a sweet dream . jangan lupa baca doa :)



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  1. sabar ea dgn pemergian nya... insyaAllah ada sesuatu di sebalik nya.. YAN xdpt sambung pape? ari tu dia ada isi borang on9 x? dia ska art x? klu ska aq blh recomend.. tp dpt machang la. huhu/...


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