Beauty and The Beast

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Hi lovelies,

last two weeks *if I am not mistaken*, I watch Beauty and The Beast with my beloved friend, Elly. well, this movie has some issue in Malaysia when suddenly they cannot be shown on cinemas due to gay scene. but luckily they made it to the cinema :)

At the first moment I watch it, I fell in love with everything, how beautiful its stories, their scene, the songs, the places, the characters. I could not believe the cartoon that I watched during my childhood days finally come alive. I feel a little bit emotions somehow hahaha *well that is me*.

Emma is seriously look stunning in the movie, she is really same like Belle. she suits the character very well. While for the Beast, he is so cute. hahah I fell in love with the Beast. when I talked to my SV about this movie, she is a little bit disappointed because the Beast finally become someone that she is unexpected. She hope that The beast can become a manly, charming look prince and the prince face quite clean. hahah she hope that the prince had a little bit moustache or beard on his face.

well overall I give the movie 5 stars. hahaha sorry I am being biased as Beauty and The beast is my favourite cartoon hahah I do not feel any regret watching this movie.

love, eyja


komen biar bijak :) hee

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