movie review: the conjuring 2, and who wants free movie ticket?

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Assalamualaikum  hello.

so raise up your hand if you have watched the conjuring 2? *give me 5*

yesterday, my friends and I watched the conjuring 2 at MBO at 3.40pm. at first we would like to redeem our free movie tickets, however it is only for selected movie. so, we prefer to watch the conjuring 2 first instead of watching other movie.  last two days, we watched the conjuring again just to feel the chills and getting some throwback moments. but I slept at the halfway of the movie hahah it is okay because I still remembered the story.


I will give 4/5 stars for the conjuring 2 because it was scary as heck and as far as I remembered, I closed my eyes partially throughout the movie like the picture below. I made my hands like that so that I do not watch the whole screen. hahaha

arghhh I hate it when it came to the part where the ghost/spirit/demon or whatsoever suddenly came out. it freaked me out and my heart was nearly stopped beating. hahah I really loved Madison wolfe who played the role as Janet.She is really good in acting and being possessed. I blamed her for calling the dark spirit and now I imagined them. hahaha

and for Ed and Lorraine Warren, I just love their chemistry and how sweet both of them supporting each other. I can see their love towards each other through their eyes. hahah

If you find someone who trust you, married him/her!

and this song sang by Ed Warren in the conjuring 2 really caught my attention. so here I put the song, Can't help falling in love by Elvis Presly which cover song done by Kenzie Nimmo and Herris Heller. I just love these two lovebirds <3 p="">

andddd lastly, who wants the free ticket/popocorn or points from grabies and MBO? I guess everyone will not let go this chance! hee this is not sponsored review and I want to share this so that everyone can get the same happiness like me and my friends :) so you can go to the link below:

and find out how can you get the complimentary movie pass, popcorn and so on. The answer is so easy. and do not forget to share it on your facebook for you to be able get them. one more thing, the movie is only for selected movie. anyway, it depends on your luck too either you got the free movie ticket, popcorn or points. Good luck!



  1. Assalamua'laikum & Salam Ramadan.. Reen jalan-jalan sambil komen & follow. Follow back..? :)

  2. That song! Hahaa time tu i was like hmm knp tiba2 lagu jiwang ni hahaaaha

  3. Ramai ehh kata seram n ramai jugak kata tak... Tarau lah bila nk p tgok...


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