Movies-to-watch: Now you see me 2, the conjuring and me before you

Sunday, June 12, 2016


hi! today was my second last paper which is Engineering Management. I think this paper was the 2 credit paper which I worried and afraid the most because you cannot expect what types of questions would come out and my carry marks are not that good which 34/50. So, I was struggling hard to understand all the topics.

but guess what, I am so relieved once I got the paper because the ideas were coming out quickly and my writing process seems so smooth. hahah :P so, I hope I can get B+ atleast for this paper. If geeting A, that would be so amazing. anyway, tawakkal to Allah after you have done your best!

ohh sorry sorry, that is not what I am going to write in this post mainly. so, there are some movies that I have in mind to watch right after the examination. those movies are The conjuring 2, Now you see me 2, and me before you.

I am thinking to watch me before you with my bae, however based on my experience, he will not that excited to watch the movie. I think his respond would be 'that movie is slow, that movie you can download laa, blablabla. hahaha

and if I want to watch the conjuring 2, I am quite afraid. silly me hahaha. the trailer somehow looks scary and I anticipated the movies anyway. I hope the movie would not turn out to be like the anabelle where the movie is not that scary enough. hahahah :P

as for now you see me 2, I hope the movie is great just like now you see me because their plot story is great and interesting. it would be great if you can have money just like how they did where they drain the bank accounts. hahahah no khadijah, that is not good virtue. hey but they did good okay because they drain the bank accounts of corrupt. If I can do that, I will give the money to people in need. huu

hmm what movie in your to-watch-list? share with me :)


  1. conjuring 2 is a worth watching film hehe you have to see it for yourself, even though you're afraid :D btw, i'm not that anticipated for now you see me 2 because the first one was just a so-so for me

    1. thanks for the review. will watch it soon

  2. These 3 is my top list too! Cant wait for now you see me 2 hehe


komen biar bijak :) hee

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