last paper! last paper!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


hi guys! ahahah yeah it is 3.05 am but here I am , sitting at my desk, trying to get many inputs as much as I can because this morning is my last paper.

yeahh, it is last paper of last examination in my last semester of degree in Biomedical Engineering. I cannot believe that finally I will come to this moment. I just hope I can answer all the questions smoothly and get them all right.

well, you know that dealing with the last paper is really no jokes. there were so many things disturbed me such as exciting stories, anticipating movies, the 100% of laziness, the-moment-when-you-read-your-notes-you-become-sleepy-instantly. so much things. hahaha

just imagine I started to read all the notes yesterday and the examination is today! this is not good and morally unacceptable juniors. please do not follow this senior. hahahah

okay lah, got to go now, still having some to read. please pray for me pretty please! hahaha



  1. lambatnya tido ! u shud have quality sleep . anyway wish u all the best ni ur exam okke . kalau free Join our FIRST GIVEAWAY

    1. heee, tulaa, should arrange that next time :)


komen biar bijak :) hee

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