Review Korean Drama: Sassy Go Go (Cheer Up!)

Sunday, November 22, 2015


haiii, I just finish watching this Korean Drama Sassy Go Go which are starring by Jung Eun-Ji, Lee Won Keun, Ji soo, Chae soo bin and Cha hak Yeon.

so basically this drama is set up in Sevit High School. There are two gangs in this school whuch are Real King and Baek Ho. Both of these groups are really not good towards each other. Baek Ho is an elite club leads by Kim Yeol (Lee won keun) and Real King is outcast street dance clubs leads by Kang Yeon do (Jung Eun Ji). Then both clubs are forcibly merge to create a cheerleading group to build spec-performance for Kwon Soo Ah in order for her to be accepted studying in IVY League college.

This drama is fun and full of friendship value. I just love this drama and watching it continuously until my studying is being ignored for this weekend. hahaha :P I was attracted to watch this drama because of Jung Eun Ji who is starring Trot Lover before this and I love how she shows her spirits in her acting. She is soo pretty.

Watch this drama, you will never regret! Lee won keun is handsome by the way :P


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