Saturday, July 25, 2015

Assalamualaikum and hello.

Yesterday I went for Bigbang concert 2015 world tour [made] live from Putra Indoor stadium Bukit Jalil, Malaysia. It was amazing night I told you! I still could not believe until now that last night I was at their concert, watching every of the members singing forever my favourite songs. I am gonna cryyyyyyyyyyyyyingggggg and dyingggg hahaha

I started to like Bigbang since when I was studying in foundation year. their group is great in every aspects. their voice, their attitude, their playfulness and how the relationship between them, they are very close to each other, they know how to appreciate fans ahhh I just love everything.

Actually, my friend asked me months before to accompany her going to the concert. She treated me and I am going to sayyyyyyy :

"THANK YOUUUUUUU sebab belanja aku pergi konsert bigbang tu and aku sangat appreciate wehhh, appreciate sangat2 and aku sangat enjoy dengan concert bigbang tuuuu even kita pergi macam rushing jugak dengan aku baru balik kerja lagi. hahahh" . #muahciked

seriously their live voice was sooo great, it is same with what you hear from the album, radio and so on. Their voice is soo powerful.

I love how daesung and taeyang singing, it really moves me a lot, you can see the emotions flow in the songs. GD was very energetic and great in performance, I can not deny it. Seungri is really the cutest forever, his voice is so nice. hahah Top as usual with his charismatic appearance on the stage and great in rap.

The stage also nice, I love how the spotlights worked, it was beautiful and fun! yeah, you can not expect the stage will be same like Dome in Japan. but still I enjoy the show and I really hope they can come again and I can buy the ticket with my money. hewhew

later on I will upload more pictures and videos. I hope I can be forever V.I.P!

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