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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


hampir sebulan tak post ape2 kat blog ni . hahah gaya macam busy sangat je kan sampai tak post ape2 . but the reality is I'm not that busy actually , just maybe it's because of my laziness to write anything . hahah

well , how my life goes here ? hmmph,everything seems to be okay. not that okay actually . at this moment , I'm starting to feel the hardship of being biomedical engineering students. hahah I didnt understand about the lessons especially for circuit theory and mathematics engineering . I'm really frustrated with my test marks . most of them because I was too careless in answering the questions. the questions were easy actually , but I tend to think harder than what it supposed to be. I already got the answer at first,but then I changed it because I think the solution must be not that easy. hahah silly me, always think complicated Y____Y

so I hope after this , I learn from the mistakes i did and try to improve it in the future so that I wouldnt left behind . khadijah , FIGHTING ! :)


komen biar bijak :) hee

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