YOU in the future :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

assalamualaikum and hello .

#dearYOU in the future, hi hi hi ! :)  *waving*

sorry for disturbing you . Lately ,I'm always thinking , have too much curiosity and all of these questions has filled up my mind :

who are you?
did I know you?
where are you now?
what are you doing?
are you okay ? 
have you ever think of me?
when and how will we meet ? 
How will I know that you're the right one that Allah SWT has chosen for me?

no matter what , I will accept you as you are as long as you accept me .
maybe I'm not as cute as Lisa Surihani or Neelofa , nora danish or whoever she is . haha:D
maybe I'm always childish , clueless and sometimes clumsy ,
But I'll try my best to be yours :)
I know that now you're working hard and trying your best to be my leader ,protector , superman or batman in the future :) I hope you will guide me to be a better person .
InsyaAllah if He wills it , we will meet in the future .
Allah SWT will guide us to the best path of our life and may our love last forever till jannah . I hope you will take care of yourself :)



  1. may god bless u and ur entire life..

  2. dear u in the future?wa~sape tu.. hihi

  3. ariffin : thanks :) Amin.

    Qien19 : thanks iqin :) hehe

    AA : tak tahu , tak jumpa lgi :)


komen biar bijak :) hee

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