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Monday, June 13, 2011

Assalamualaikum and hello people love

how are you ? I hope you're in the pink of health . yah , I had finished my class just now and it was really tired . duhh :face32:

heyy , know what , i had my mathematics quiz just now ,and guess what ? it was really difficult , even it was only 3 questions,yah only 3 question babe ! . haha;D but, i was really upset with it because i've done my revisions and hopes for the miracle that I can answer all of it smoothly . the careless mistake that i've done makes me feel so sad :face59:
ahh , what I should I do if I didn't manage to get the best marks for my quiz ? I don't want to disappoint my parents . but I really touched when I texted and asked my mother to pray for me and she replied ;

"mesti boleh punye ,u're my clever girl ! ":11:

thank you mama for trusting your daughter . even I'm not so confident with myself,but you're always encouraging me to do everything with passion and motivate me to be a successful person.I'm sorry if I couldn't do it well but I'l
l try my best for it ! :67:

p/s ; sorry if there's any grammatical error because I'm still learning.yah , people always make mistake right ? Frog

p/s ; I forgot to do my tutorial question , haha;D


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