Monday, April 4, 2011

Assalamualaikum w.b.t :)

contest ini telah di tag oleh cik Dayana AZ , thanks yan :)

sebab nak join ; eyja nak join contest nihh sebab kebetulan eyja ada karya pertama eyja yang di karang sendiri dan telah disemak cikgu eyja time sekolah dulu .
haha , this could be THE ONLY ONE of my piece of work .
yelaa , sebab eyja memang tiada bakat untuk menulis , cewahh ! haha;D
untung Encik Wan Mohd Salim sebab gara gara dia eyja siarkan cerita nihh . hehe :)
takpe takpe , kita bagi dia kerja lebih sikit untuk membaca dan berfikir dua tiga kali nak tentukan siapa pemenang . haha;D gurau je :p

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    I could not believe my eyes when I flashed back to the memory .It was hurt for me to accept the fact.The rays of morning sun began to break through the thick envelope of mist.Slowly the mist disappeared and the sun began to beat heavily down on us. I usually wake up late on Sunday mornings and I spend a few blissful minutes lazing in bed. But the smell of breakfast being prepared by mother was enough to drag me out of my bed for I was famished and hungry.

   I went down the stairs and went to the kitchen . I saw my the-only-one sister Anne was already in the kitchen,having her breakfast.I could see the menu of breakfast was my favourite’s food,blueberry pancake.I hugged my mother and wished good morning to her. My father was already went to his office in the early morning.Suddenly,mother told us to get ready after the breakfast because we would visit our grandparents at the village. After having the breakfast,I hurriedly went to take a bath and chose to wear my jeans and pink blouse. As all of us got ready,my mother started the car engine and drove the car away from our home . Our village was in Kampung Jaya ,whih was about two hours from our home.

   I felt so excited but at the same time ,I felt something weird would happen.But I just ignore that feeling.I could see it was a long way abd we were trapped in a traffic jam as it was Sunday. While my mother was driving,she asked me and Anne about our life. Anne told my mother about Adam,his boyfriend. She had an argue with him since last week and asked for my mother’s advice. It was sounded silly because they could argue about small matter. I told my mother the truth that sometimes I felt so tired with many homeworks that had given by teachers. My mother advised me to study hard and achieved the excellent result in examination so that I could build a better life in the future. I promised to her to do the best and strived for it.I really touched when my mother said that she loved all her children so much.

   I switched on the radio and we sang loudly our favourite’s song.We sang with full of expression even weknew that our voices sounded like frog.Suddenly my mother stopped the car at the side of the road and asked us to get off from the car and went to the City Plaza first.She told us that she wanted to buy some gift for grandparents.I admitted that it had been a long time we did not visit our grandparents in the village.I really missed them so much.

   While my mother was parking our car at the car park,Anne and I hurriedly crossed the busy road together.Suddenly, we heard a loud crashing sound by the time we were at the otherside of the road.We looked each other,not knowing what to do.We stood motionless as we were still in a state of shock.Our attention was caught by the groans of pain that were barely audible.Shock struck me like a thunderbolt when I saw the body was my mother with blood splattered on the ground.My eyes became watery,obscuring my side and tears rolled down drop by drop. I called my mother many times but she still did not answer.

   A few minutes later,an ambulance came and brought my mother away to the hospital in double quick times. Anne was crying uncontrollably.Along the journey,I was praying every minute for my mother’s safety.When we arrived at the hospital,we waited anxiously in the room outside the theatre.I called my father and told him what had happened.He was very shocked after he heard the news.He told me that he would be arrived as fast as he could.I could see Anne was uneasy,paced up and down the floor,sweating profusely out of nervousness.

   Two hours passed before the door slid opened and the doctor stepped out,wiping his hands on a towel.I hurriedly got the doctor and asked him about my mother’s condition.With shaking voice,he told me that my mother was dead.The room started spinning and suddenly everything went blank as I heard it.When I regained consciousness some hours later,I was engulfed by numbness.I felt safe and secure in that perception and it felt good.I went through the burial and funeral service with withdrawn solitude.I could not associate myself with what was going on.I felt like an audience.

   It was then that the realisation dawned on me.My life was never going to be the same.I lost my mother at the time I needed her most.Life is unpredictable.These memories still sting like a violent slap across the face.Although she had gone,her spirit will always be with me.It was the most memorable incident in my life even though I lost someone whom I love most.

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  1. aku sedih aku tak hafal essay bi ak tu huuu... mne ek pegi :'( ak rse ak ada simpan copy taw, wlupun tak sama dlm SPM, sebab yg spm mcm ak tmbh2 sebab ada tjuk rain uh, kasik gempak sket huu, ak nk la paper 1119 tu balik bole tak mintak kat KPM?

  2. salam kenal...

    mai cikgu ni semak pulak...hem excelent...gud luck..;P

  3. @wan ; sama2 , seronok dpt join ;)

    @dayana ; aq rasa boleh kot . ce ko tanye . haha

    @ nelly ; goodluck ;)

  4. emm....xde corection for the luck...;-)
    keep it up........

  5. nice! awak tq tag sy x terer bab2 sastera ni..hihihi..gudluck ye awak! :)

  6. wuhuuu!! wokeyh2 !! saye nak join ! tangs tag!!!


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