January 2017, good moments to be remembered.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Assalamualaikum. hi :)

So I guess this is my first post in 2017. woww, how time flies. 2016 has been ups and downs and roller coaster for me when there were so many things happened. My beloved mother passed away, I was struggling in my studies but Alhamdulillah at the end I graduated first class in Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering. Then, I got an offer to pursue PhD in UTM. It was really tough year for me but at the same time, it was still the best one :)

Then, January 2017 has arrived. On my birthday, 10th January, I got surprise party from my beloved friends and supervisor. Thank you so muchhhhhh. I do not know how to express how thankful and blessed I am. It was not expected since I never get surprise party. so, no expectation laa since I knew it will be the same with years before. I was quite sad when my dad was late wishing my birthday. Usually my mom will remind our family that it was our birthday. hahah but it is okay, never mind.

So right after the party, we went to Karaoke at Loudspeaker. The place was so nice and it was more special when I got free since it was my birthday. heheh

and then we also went to Bangi wonderland theme park and resort. guess what, I also got free admission since it was my birthday month. Syukur Alhamdulillah, semua tempat masuk free hahahha How lucky I am :) review pasal wonderland nanti I review okayy. hahah

Birthday Party

Bangi Wonderland

till then,

byeeee :)


komen biar bijak :) hee

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