cinderella and four knights

Monday, August 22, 2016

Assalamualaikum hi.

I watched cinderella and four knights last night and it is really fun and exciting drama to watch. I really like this type of romantic comedy drama. so here is my review of cinderella and four knights.

the main cast are :
Park So-Dam
Jung Il-Woo
Ahn Jae-Hyeon
Lee Jung-Shin
Son Na-Eun
Choi Min

Kang Ji woon, kang hyun min and kang seo woo are the cousins and the next heir to Haneul group. they are not in good terms between each other and always fighting among them. Park so dam is the girl with full of spirit is a hard working person and always doing part-time working to ensure she can go to college as what her late mother wished. her step mother and step sister isolated her from family. when her family chase her out from her house, she decided to go to sky house to be a butler for the kang cousins as what their grandfather wish

I love Jung ill woo (as Kang Ji woon) since the drama flower boys ramyun shop. and it has been long time since the last drama of him I have watched. as for Park So Dam (Eun Ha won), this is the first time I watch her acting. She is really cute and looks younger than her real age. in this drama, you can see Ahn Jae Hyeon (Kang Hyun Min) on different sides of him. he is so funny when he tries to flirt with Ha won, but at the same time he is a player. 

Lee Jung shin (Kang Seo woo) in this drama looks really different. I almost do not know him. He looks young in this drama. so at first I thought it is the new actor in industry, but when I look carefully, he is jung shin or avatar *as what seo hyun called him before*. Honestly, I do not like Na Eun character because she is so pathetic. pardon me hahahah :P I am really curious to know why Jae Hyeon is so mad with Na Eun. 

just imagine I just start to watch the drama last night and it is already 4 episodes I have watched. I cannot wait to watch next episodes this weekend. fighting to the cast and production of this drama! 


  1. I can recommend this to my mom! She is a korean drama fan :)

  2. tengok citer ni separuh jalan jer. tak tau bila nak abiskan.

    Jadi Flawless ala- ala Artis Korea??


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