maybe our soulmate is the nearest one

Thursday, July 28, 2016



hee so in Johor, friday and saturday will be our weekend. and I can't wait to go back right after 3.30 pm. heheh

no no, actually the thing is I am getting excited for this weekend because my classmates during high school will get married! hahah it is unpredictable okay since both of them are not the lovebirds during the high school.

and now I believe and kinda agree with this quote, "maybe our soulmate is the nearest one" hahahah

who knows because last two years, I met the girl and she said she did not know who she's gonna marry in the future.

and her question is finally answered when her soulmate is the one she met during the highschool hahahah this is so funny.

okaylahhh, another thing that I can't wait because finally I can meet my G6 friends, I just love them since they are the one who understand me the most. accept me for who I am and still remain the same person.


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