Grace VanderWaal, the next Taylor Swift?

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


I just want to share how amazed I am when I watched the video of this beautiful young lady, Grace VanderWaal who got the gold buzzer in America's Got Talent. the tears rolled down on my cheeks uncontrollably, maybe I was just so touched with the moment hee :)

she is only 12 years old and her voice is so amazing and she's really got the talent to captivate the audiences with her voices. here I share to all of you her youtube channel. You can find other original songs by her HERE

anddd Simon Cowell also thinks that she wil be the next Taylor Swift. I can imagine that by watching all her videos on youtube. I just hope I can take the ukulele and playing my songs however I do not even know how to play hahahah

all the best to this graceful young lady, Grace VanderWaal, I believe you will have bright future ahead, keep singing gracefully! :)



  1. Akak pun suka tengok Grace ni. Talented! :)

  2. she is really talented! suara dia sedap sangat :)
    btw, hai eyja, fatin lepak sini and follow awak :)

  3. She is talented. Suka dengar suara dia :)


komen biar bijak :) hee

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