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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Assalamualaikum and hi!

before that, sorry for my bad grammar since I am still learning though.

okay now let's move to the topic.
today I am going to share with you about my favourite youtube channel for make up ideas and so on. Nowadays, I am so into the make up thingy. I am getting obsessed to buy all the make up product and keep watching how to do your contour, how to conceal your dark circle, how to do this and that, etc.

so here is my first favourite youtube channel ever!


her make up is so excellent and I am so impressed when watching how she did her make up just by 'dab dab' and tadaaaa, her make up is super gorgeous and awesome!!! I have watched her Barbie makeup when my brother showed it to me during I was 17 if I am not mistaken.

You can see the difference of her back years ago and now. she is so beautiful in her own way. I love her voice also, very calming and charming. hahah michelle also did very well in motivating people with her videos. I just want to be like her somehow, very confidence and relaxing. she is so successful now and I adore her so much!

This is the most favourite make up on her channel, autumn ombre. It is so pretty. I am trying do the make up but not as good as she did. hahaha


I am not sure where does she come from, actually I found her on instagram first when you take a look on explore part on instagram. she did makeup tutorial videos on youtube and instagram as well. she is only 19 years old. you can find difference style of makeup that she has shared on her youtube channel.


I started to watch her videos when I search simple makeup tutorial on youtube. and it was very simple but looks pretty. her face is quite the same with my cousin anyway. hahah she is a Malaysian youtuber. sometimes she looks like anzalna when you see her from the side. hahah


I also like her makeup look. very charming and the way she spoke is fun too. hahah so I am not that get bored to watch the video tutorial. hahah not only makeup tutorials, she is also doing videos on shawl tutorials and other tips.

so, what is your favourite make up channel on Youtube? do share in the comment below :)

bye bye :)


  1. semua lawa lawah eyh makeup ni..leh lah refer utk makeup raya nnt

  2. I have lots of favourite beauty youtuber but i couldnt list out now hahaha


komen biar bijak :) hee

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