Trip to Korea #Day2

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Assalamualaikum and hello

soooo in conjunction to TECS writing test that I will sit tomorrow, I want to continue writing my journey on the second day of my trip to Korea. well, even though it has been a year since the trip days, I still remember vividly all those moments. heee :)

sooo we prepared the breakfast first before started our journey.

yeahhhh all of us were ready!

yeahhh we had arrived at the Changgyeonggung Palace! 

sooo this palace is originally the Summer Palace of Goryeo King.

The garden is soooo stunning!

at one of the lake inside the palace. The palace is sooo big I tell you. I did not have a chance to explore some other areas. well maybe I could visit the palace again in the future heee

with najihahhh.

I was flying due to Athirah's high kick hahahah

with the so-called-king-in-my-heart. of course he is placed after my father hahaha

I forgot what was the name of the place. but as far as I remember, this is like Korean Folk Village. They showed their traditional custom here. but unfortunately the place for hanbok costume testing was close at that time.

see the kids were wearing the hanbok, soo cute

Kemal and I were wearing the fake hanbok costumes hahahah

so this is Insadong. This place is basically like central Market in Kuala Lumpur. They sold many kind of things like gift and so on.

It was a palace behind us but unfortunately I forgot the name *you shoud understand this trip happened a year ago hahah*

I was at the Gwanghaemun square and it was King Sojeong behind me. Did you see police behind me? hahaha

Luckily, I was sooo fortunate at that time because there was hanbok costume testing at the Gwanghaemun square. So I got the chance to wear hanbok as it was one of my wishes when I came to Korea.

Queen Khadijah. Heheh well I wore the Queen costume. 

okay that is all for today. toodles..

pray for my TECS writing. I hope I can do the best and can analyse the question very well. I hope my processor will do a good job. oh my oh my hahahah


komen biar bijak :) hee

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