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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello.

hehe cerita ni dah basi dah,it happened last year and I only have the time now to write about that trip. it's because i am so boring eventhough I still have many works to do. hahah

so let the pictures tell the stories. actually I didn't remember every moment being there. so maybe there will be some point didn't write here.

I try to do wall-climbing at putrajaya Challenge Park. This wall part without using the rope. I'm not sure what we call of it,is it bilayer? ahh I'm lazy to google that thing. never mind. hahah it was second time I did this activity. however,it was different for this time because the wall is so high compare to the last before. maka saya hanya mampu habiskan satu wall je yang guna tali sebab tangan da berpeluh-peluh and kaki sakit. pheww orang lain habis sekejap. aku dekat setengah jam kat atas sana sebab menggigil. hilang kemachoan aku. hahah :P

then,they made flying-fox across the waterfall in Lubuk Petai ,Negeri Sembilan. we slept here for a night after we went Putrajaya Challenge Park. the feeling was really awesome and of course I shout out loud!

ohh this picture was in Putrajaya Challenge Park. so beautiful right?

the participants. we arrived at the campsite about 10pm I guessed. It was because we had lost during the journey due to wrong route and we had to turn back and follow another route.

the chefs ,hahah :P  

 still at PCP.

 same goes here .

at the waterfall of lubuk petai. I felt different experience here because there were so many things happened. hahah tidur bertilamkan air,bangun2 je dah sedar air hujan masuk dalam khemah. and balik tu hujan selebat-lebatnye dan kami kebasahan sebab tak ada raincoat. huuu papepun,still best! I really enjoy the moment there ! :D

okay that's all for now. later on I will write about post during First Year Experience. hahah



  1. Nice post.... don't forget for visit my blog . cekidot. . :)

  2. xleh jadi ni..girl pun dah wall climbing tp aku blom pnah wall climbing ni!hahah.nice experience tu even ada tulis 'actually I didn't remember every moment being there" kn?hehe

  3. Wahh, tak pernah sampai lagi Lubuk Petai ni. Jernihnyaa air!


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