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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Assalamualaikum and hello .

a year ago,on 09/10/2011 , my brother ,Zahid aiman had passed away because of lymphoma cancer .I dont realize how time flies this fast. remember back to the memory , it caused a lot of pain in my heart . a few weeks ago, when I woke up from my sleep in the morning , suddenly I cried and felt so sad . I called my mom and told her how much I miss aiman . she said to be strong and if I missed him , just recite Al-Fatihah for him . it would be better rather than I cried hard because the cry will never make aiman came back to us  . everybody loves him , but our love cant be compared to HIS love towards aiman.

well , when we borrow a thing from someone , after for awhile we should give him when he wants it back . so basically it's just the same thing . Allah lend us Aiman for 8 years to give us the chance to love and take good care of him , showering him with lots of attention,loves,supports,etc. so , when the time is coming , even we dont want it,even it's the hardest thing to do, no matter what, we should and we have to let aiman go to his Creator.

Al-Fatihah my dear brother , Zahid Aiman Lukman. May Allah bless u . kakak loves you so much and always remember you in my prayer :'(


  1. Asmlkm eyja.. This is me again. I was the one that commented on yr english "i is loving uitm palam". My daughter was in the same batch as u at asasi palam, currently in her 1st sem at sg buloh medcampus.. Remember me... I am proud of u, h hv been taking my advise writing yr blog in full english, and yr english is getting more awesome than before. About Aiman, i am so impressed they way u put it, "when v borrow frm someone, when time dues v hv to give it bck". Thats touchy.. I hv been following yr story on Aiman, remember when visited aiman at the hsptl. They way u described yr precious moment wth aiman when he was sick at the hsptl... One thing i noticed on aiman, at such young age and so sick, he displayed so strong character, such a special person.. But Allah loves aiman more than us.. Both of u and aiman have these traits in common, strong and able to reach and touch people.. That i can see in yr writing particularly when u write on Aiman.. This what i would suggest.. Write a BOOK on "YR SPECIAL 8 YEARS WITH AIMAN". It is a way for u to document yr love to aiman and share to other families the true love of sister and brother which can be emulated by others during the good and difficult times..Write in english.. But manage yr study time n this aiman book properly...

    1. I am so glad to read your comment. Thank you. will do if I got time. :)

  2. Asmlkm eyja.. This is me again.. I am the one who commented on yr english "i is loving uitm palam". Remember.. My daughter was in the same batch as u in the asasi sains palam, she is currently in 1st yr sg buloh campus doing medicine. I hv to congratulate u on yr vast improvement on yr english. U hv taken my advice to write this blog in fulll english, and it is so fruitful i see. Anyway, about Aiman, again it is so touch the way u put it, "when v borrow something frm someone, v hv to give back when time is due." Aiman is so special i feel, at such a young age and so sick, he was jovial and positive person. He is strong inside, and i think u share that common traits. I know missing him is a difficult matter. Above all our love, Allah loves Aiman more, he will b the saviour to yr fmly in dayafter.But one thing i notice about u, u hv writing skill. U able to reach and touch people with yr writing.. Why dont u write a short book on "My special precious 8 years with Aiman". Dedicate yr love and document yr life with him in this book. Love of sister and brother can be shared to other people. Yr lifetime with him during the good and difficult time can be emulated by other families... In doing so manage time properly btw yr study and this book.


komen biar bijak :) hee

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