Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Assalamualaikum and hello :)

sorry for any mistakes on my blog such as my english writing or my language . I know I still have some weaknessess in English . that's why I'm trying to write english in some of my posts to improve myself . and I really appreciate to those who are willing to share their thoughts on my english writing . thank you :) after this I will try my best to write and speak fluently in english so that I can add some value on myself . I'm still in a learning process , tell me if I'm wrong :)

besides that , this blog is actually a private blog, it's all about what's happened in my life . so maybe when I was not in a good mood , I'll just write what's on my mind. so maybe there will be some bad languages on the posts that I didn't realised . I'm sorry :)

okay till then , goodbye :)

p/s : busy mode :) myinovasi competition , fiescope and Eid feast programme , etc. may Allah ease everything , insyaAllah :) all the best !



  1. haha.oh my english,sokay,u can improve..english language..

  2. we are same.i'm also trying to write in english im writing.sometimes i rojakkan. learning process~~heheheh

  3. Well.. Whatever it is.. Enjoy yr study.. Love what u r already in, i guess bio-engine right??? That way u will b always eager in yr quest of knowledge.. Do yr best in yr time, not the average. Get a 4.0 cgpa or at least 3.8cgpa to ease entry in job market. V all live once, only once u r to pursue yr degree, only once to face the 4yrs. Dun waste yr time by being average. Strive.. See how yr chinese peers work.. English, hmmm, my 1st impression on u was not that good, seeing the "I is Loving Uitm" and some errors in yr blog.. Reading rest of yr blog, hmmm yr english is quite good. Keep on write more in english..yr challenge now is to converse more in english with some accents, not malaysian style.. U need to develop this skill n proficiency to prepare u to the realworld n jobmarket.. Anyway i think u r a good girl n strong inside. I am so touch wth yr personal story, the demise of yr brother, aiman.. I am glad u n fmly able to face that hurdle.. He is the better place, he will b the savior to u all.. Ok study hard.. By the way, my daughter was in the same batch as u in puncak alam, not in the same class though... She is now at sg buloh uitm pursuing her medical degree.. Always blessing in disguise right.. U r in utm so close to yr fmly n hometown, right... Aim high, ok.. Go all the way.. Next will be Master degree then phD.. Sky is the limit.. Dun forget to ask frm The Almighty Allah.. Take all these as fatherly advice.

  4. heyy. :0 if you think you can. so you must can okay? :D hehehe
    err. me too. im not better when i speak or write or listening in english. im not good as my mum. err. so dzzzz =="

  5. @Anonymous thank you :) I'm really touched with your concern . insyaAllah I'll try my best and strive for success,i'm trying to be strong inside but sometimes there will be a time I cant handle the stress. about the english , I'm sorry for giving a bad impression to you . I'll take all your words as fatherly advices because I know all fathers would act the same way like you did. and all the best to your daughter :) I believe that she will become the great doctor because she has a father like you :)


komen biar bijak :) hee

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