Saturday, September 22, 2012

Assalamualaikum and hello :) happy saturday everyone !

so the class has been started for two weeks. so far I can understand all the subjects , still in a comfortable phase . maybe at some point there will be a critical phase especially for mathematics engineering . I've already learned some of them during my foundation year , but well , when you're having holiday for a long time , you will never look at the books . I know that was my fault for not reading and revising back all the subjects . haha :P

besides that , I think this week is really busy because we have myinovasi competition, eid feast , fiescope and so on . and all these things make me started to feel homesick,I'm starting to miss my family so much . when I know my parents would go to Muar a few days ago, I'm tring to persuade them for a few times , asking them to visit me on the way back to Mersing if they have a time . well, I think my parents become ANNOYED with my questions, haha so luckily today they will visit me here . say YAYYYY for me ! haha:D

ohh by the way , we will have eid feast tomorrow . I'm really looking forward for it because there will be so many foods served during the feast . ketupat , lemang , rendang and so on . we will have 'rewang' tonight . so I hope I can join them if my parents send me back to college early .

that's all for today . sorry for any grammatical errors :)



  1. Oh my english. hahaha :D
    amboii kemain sedap. df lapa lak bile sebut lemang ketupat tu semua =="


komen biar bijak :) hee

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