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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Assalamualaikum and hello :)

so , how is your first day of Ramadhan ? I hope everything is great and we can accomplish them till the end of month .insyaAllah :)

I wrote this post to express all my grateful and happiness . because this blog is one of the important parts in my life :)

Ramadhan is really the blessed month for me when I received a good news from UTM which is; I get an offer of UTM Endowmen Scholarship . my heart is palpitating wildly at the moment I read the text message from UTM regarding the scholarship offer .

I never think about receiving this scholarship because the Biomedical engineering course was my 4th choice in UPU. and I think I don't make good enough during the interview for the scholarships. Besides that , there were many students applied for this scholarships and UTM chose only 150 applicants to receive, I am very lucky to get listed among the scholarship receiver.

now , I've already received the official letter from UTM . and the only one thing I can say , ALHAMDULILLAH because Allah has granted my du'a . I just want to make my parents happy and lessen their burden from being worried about my financial and so on . I'm being so grateful :')

atleast I'll try my best to use the money wisely and trying hard to maintain a good pointer so that I can receive this scholarship for the whole 4 years and avoid from borrowing loans. I told you , don't you think amount of 12K per year is more than enough for me ? *kaching kaching $$*. If I don't get a good result in my studies , the probability for me to lost them is really high ! oh no no no !

Aja-Aja Fighting ! :DD

eventhough I felt so sad earlier when I got the UPU result before ,but after all those sadness , finally the happiness has came into my life .I feel all my worries has gone away and Allah has made me easy to settle all the problems. syukur , Alhamdulillah :)

After this ,I just hope to get good friends, roommates , coursemates and nice environment just like  in asasi uitm puncak alam. I need to study hard ,struggle in every exams and get the first degree of 'Sarjana Muda Kejuruteraan Bio-Perubatan' . may Allah ease everything .

p/s : thank you for those who supported me :') Hanya Allah yang mampu mebalasnya .
p/s : sorry for any grammatical errors in this post because I'm still learning #Oh My English. haha



  1. tahniah kak sbb dpt biasiswa tu dan selamat berpuasa ;)

  2. alhamdulillah..
    rezeki bulan puasa laa tu kan... :)

  3. waahhh rezeki eyjaaa. alhamdulillah, seronoknyaa. terlepas satu beban ;)

  4. congrattttssss ! happy for you :)

  5. Wow, what a good news :) congrate ! no need to apply for PTPTN la kan..jelesnyer. hehe

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  7. DJ! congratz ! happy for u :) all the best and selamat berpuasa :)

  8. wahhhh 1 of the 150 students yg dpt scholar tu. tahniah la ! :)

  9. terima kasih semua dan slamat mnjalani ibadah puasa :)


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