10 days challenge questions

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Assalamualaikum and hello :)

boredom is really tormenting me at this moment . ha-ha being unemployed and staying at home ,and get boring makes me headache somehow. It is really tedious. so , I think maybe I can take this 10 days challenge questions besides I can train myself to write english more often .

 sometimes i feel like wanna throw things just like kwang soo did. haha

here are the 10 days challenge questions :

Day 1 – 3 of my favorite songs at the moment
Day 2 - My perfumes
Day 3 - What’s in my makeup bag?
Day 4 – A picture from today
Day 5 - Something I look forward to
Day 6 – A picture of me as a kid
Day 7 – My jewellery
Day 8 – Where would I wanna go if I had all the money in the world?
Day 9 – My handwriting
Day 10 – My favorite movie scene

I really hope I'll be able to finish this challenge questions . come on eyja ! there are 10 questions for 10 days ONLY . If you can't do it , YOU'RE FAILED . unless if you have things that are more important than this challenge .

p/s : semoga aku istiqamah Y___Y


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