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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Assalamualaikum and hello :)

woww , my semester will end very soon , just about two weeks from now .
during the time I received the foundation studies offer , I felt worries and so many questions hit my brain whether I could adapt with the new environment and new friends, whether I'll be strong enough to face any difficulties in future ,be able to communicate with new peopleand get to know the studies .

and now I'm in second semester , just wait to sit for the final exam , phewwww so tired =='
with every months , days , hours , minutes and even a seconds ! , there were so many journeys of tensions , worries , difficulties that had became a barrier for me to face and solve it . but glad to know that you have good friends who are willing to be with you whether in good or hard time :')
then you have the lecturers who supported you,giving you advice like a mother , even sometimes you'll feel like it was nagging , but believe me that it will make you realize how important it is to have someone who always remind you what you should do or not.

ahh , I'll continue it later as my roommate , Aimi call me now to fill our stomach at KKPR. haha

so ,

Bismillahirrahmaanirrahiim , In the name of Allah The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful ,

again I wish to all of us good luck in final exam ! :)

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komen biar bijak :) hee

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