19 dah boleh kahwin.HAHA

Monday, January 16, 2012

Assalamualaikum and hello :)

wahhh,it has been a long time I didn't post on my blog .
I really miss it but unfortunately the laziness makes me to avoid this blog for a long time .

anyway ,birthday aku dah pun lepas pada 10 januari 2012 yang lalu . *note that
I'm nineteen now :) 
another year older and I really HOPE another year wiser than before :P

Of course Allah is the One who I want to thank a lot .
He gives me an opportunity to live in this world ,inhabit the earth,He gives me the people who always supporting me which are my parents ,siblings,family and friends . I love all of them :)
He gives me the courage to live my life . Syukur Alhamdulillah :)

and thanks for those who wish my birthday through facebook and phone .
terharu sangat especially **re*n yang wish birthday aku awal sehari . excited nyanyikan aku birthday song but unfortunately 9th jan isn't my birthday . hik3 ;P anyway , I love youu dear :)

thanks to my parents who raised me up for 19 years . I really love both of you :')
thanks to hasniza,nadia,diyana and ain for giving me the doll ,it's so cute .
thanks to aqilah ,my BFF for giving me an picture album,after this I can collect more photos .
thanks to my housemates for singing me a birthday song and gave the chocolate cake :)
thanks to my classmates for singing the birthday song .

anyway,birthday gift yang paling berharga untuk aku ,aku dapat Malaysian University English Test (MUET) band 4 . Alhamdulillah , syukur :')
even masa tu aku tak belajar sebab sehari sebelumnya arwah aiman dikebumikan . 

I want to be a good muslimah ,good daughter to my parents , and a good person in my future life . Amin :)

ohh thanks to hazim for drawing this on my mathematics tutorial question . kau memang nak suruh aku belajar math je ke? haha;D

okay that's all . 
this week I have so many tests .
wish me luck people :)

p/s ; okayy tajuk post memang takde kena mengena dengan cerita post . maaflah , hehe :P aku taknak kahwin awal . ulangan , TAKNAK KAHWIN AWAL .hahah;D pertengahan takpe ;P



  1. Jangan tak nak, tak nak sangat. Nanti tu yang dpt..hehe

  2. salam
    kahdijah, akak dah wish awak ke belum?
    so sorry!
    nak tanye sekrg ni awak belajar katne eh? still puncak alam ke? post on my fb eh..
    sje nak catch up balik dah lame tak chat dgn awak..
    neway miss u so much
    may Allah bless u..


komen biar bijak :) hee

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