Mouse Dissection Experiment

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Assalamualaikum and hello :)

last tuesday I did my lab experiment which is related with respiratory system .
I think it was very exciting experiment that I've ever had in my life . hihi:P

of course we have to dissect a mouse in this experiment .
It has been a long time for me waiting to do this kind of experiment.
during my secondary school,I didn't get a chance to dissect the frog . so this is the chance now !

once we entered the laboratory , miss syakireen gave us the briefing on how to carry out this experiment . at first she showed us the video of mouse dissection ,tapi tikus tu pregnant . so it's kinda pity to have it for dissection . nasib baik kitorang tak dapat tikus yang macam tu . huhu kesian :(

after the briefing was done,we got the white mouse ,glad that it had already preserved with formalin .pheww !
If it was not preserved , that means we have to fight against a mouse for dissecting . LOL :D

every group had been provided with a mouse each of group .
so we have to take turn for dissecting . but some of our group members couldn't dissect as they was afraid .

the mouse was dissected carefully ,yela kalau terkena saluran arteri , it might be serious bleeding . *eh, macam manusia pulak . haha:D after we had done with the skin , we dissected the muscle to see the inner organs . it was kinda cute to see the stomach was just like bean . the kidneys seriously like the red beans .cendol cendol . haha please don't vomit here :P

I think the rest will be told by the pictures below :)

 focus on the experiment :) from left : zul,hasniza,me and ilmi .

 do you know that the mouse's small intestine is about my height, which is 1.5 ++ meter.fuhh ! can you see like a rope in picture above? yeahh,that is small intestine ! :) they said it was like spaggheti . yummy,yucks !

 time to pose in front of the camera :) from left : zati,iqqa,athirah and maisarah .

so , now it's the time for us to finish up our lab reports .human respiratory system and mouse respiratory system is kinda similar but we still have to explain briefly their differences in the mechanics of respiration . 
I told you, the experiment was exciting but doing the reports was exhausting -___-'

ohh by the way I want to congratulate my sister Siti Khaleeda for getting an offer to Sultan Iskandar Science School,Mersing . do your best there . don't be shy,control your emotion . be patience , take care of yourself ,jangan cepat terasa sangat dengan kata-kata orang ,be respectful, jangan ego . jangan cepat menangis, don't play around like me , haha:D I know you can do better than me right ? tapi jangan berlagak sangatlah kan dengan kakak , haha:P break a leg babe !

p/s ; sorry for any mistaken grammar . I'm still learning :)



  1. one more thing, ckp ngan dia jgn kapel,bhahaha

  2. boleh eh amek gbr dlm lab? adek akak study kt uia ckp xleh nk snap2 gbr..hihi tgk lecturer gak kot =)

  3. bkn ke miss dh ckp jgn publish mane pic yg ade katan ngn mouse dissection??

  4. miss mana ? miss kitorg tkde ckp papepun ? huhu


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