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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone :)

hee , we meet again today ! 
*why did u soo excited ha? -__-"
haaaa ,
it just a way to show that I miss my readers .
LOL I know that there are no readers in my blog .
oke fine . I wrote and then I read it myself 

ahh , just ignore it .
My exam will end up soon and that's mean , 
a longgggg holidayyyyy is waiting for me .
heee I'll arrive to u baby ASAP .
don't worry even I have to face the physics paper first .*winkwink

to tell you about my exam ,
ohh , it was so sad to tell .
haa , starting with mathematics paper ,
I was being soo confident that I can do the Q's very well .
but it ended up with so many Q's I couldn't answer . hihi
not so many laa . just a few of them . but still I will lose the marks .
ahh T____T
then , BEL , emm I don't think it was so okay but what I knew was I did my best for the paper .
same goes with CTU paper .
Biology paper was really tough to do , but still I think I can do it better compare with chemistry paper .
well , it really sucks ! *sorry for my words .
I couldn't think the Q's very well .
at the end , I didn't manage to finish most of Q's .
so sad T____T

oke , done with babblings about the exam .
I just need to focus more on physics .
I need to do it well so I will not being kicked out from foundation .
ahh , it was nightmare !
I can't wait to go back home and meet my family . hee ;)
of course I miss them much ,especially Aiman .
I've already transferred the SNSD's variety show into my laptop , so you have to take care of your health first oke ;)

p/s ; sorry with the grammar :P


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