Saturday, August 6, 2011

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone .

How’s your day ?
It have been a long time I didn’t post anything on my blog .
Yeahh,miss it already ;)

Yesterday, Aervina and I accompanied my bestie Aqila to the Klang Sentral as we were also planned to go to the giant to have window shopping there .
Unfortunately,luck didn’t  with us as we were already waiting for the bus since 5pm and it was really spoiled our plan . so , we were waiting and waiting till the bus finally arrived at 6.30pm .
See , we waited for one hour and half ! what a long time and it was really wasting our time -___-‘
Without any delay,we got on the bus.pheww,there were many passengers in the bus but the driver still wanna took another passengers to get on the bus . oke , dah macam tin sardin dalam tu -__-

When we arrived at the klang sentral ,
We went to the counter first ,buying a ticket to johor bahru for aqila .
Have you ever heard about the ‘ulat tiket’?
I remembered what my father had told me before to get to the counter first because he afraid ‘ulat tiket’ will cheat on me . so , I told aqilah the same thing .
Suddenly,an Indian man talking to me with a serious face that I accused him as ‘ulat tiket’.
Aihh , terasa ke ? haha;D
Finally we got the ticket . It was already 7.25pm but we still didn’t buy any food as it was fasting month right , waktu berbuka pun dah nak dekat .
So we went to the nearest stall from klang sentral untuk berbuka .the price was affordable and the food was tasty enough . trust me people ! haha *promote pula;P

After that , we went to Giant .we took a road dengan semak samun kiri kanan,gelap pula tu .
At first,we never think about bad things could be happened if we took the road .
So we just move on and make fast movement.
Suddenly I heard sounds came from the bushes .apalagi , terus lari bila dengar bunyi tu .
The only thing came across my mind was a poisonous snake creep toward us .
And another sound we heard , we shouted aloud .
But then we realised it was from aqila’s luggage . haha;D -____-‘

We prayed at giant’s musolla . after that we went to first lady boutique ,looking for a nice jubah .
But finally I made a decision to buy a new handbag worth RM29.90 . it was my first handbag,nice ! ;)
Then , we sent aqila to the bus and we went back to uitm puncak alam .
The bus was totally like a roller coaster , I felt dizzy and wanna vomit .
Nasib baik aervina beli asam ,kalau tak dah muntah dah dalam bas tu . haha;D

Okelah , i’ve to go now .
Ohh by the way selamat berbuka puasa .
Jangan lupa solat terawih malam ni ;)

p/s ; make too many grammatical errors,I’ve to write and talk as much as I could ;)



  1. xpe..k.dla fhm..plg xleh blah yg bunyi kat dlm semak tu..rupanya bunyi beg aqila..sabo jerlah

  2. part yg paling x best 'ulat tiket'...

    geram dgn org mcm dah tak nak kekadang tu paksa jugak...

    dah la kalau amik dgn dia mahal..huhu

  3. teringat pulak kat sorang member ni.. dia suka nyanyi lagu 'yesterday' nyanyian the beattles =)

  4. practise makes perfect kan ? kalau nak betul kan grammar kat komen ni macam pelik jeh kann. hehehe. :)


komen biar bijak :) hee

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